Our Accommodations and Restaurant

The Wooden Villa

Made completely from the Indigenous woods. The roof, the Floor and the walls are constructed only by wood, create an environment to feel Fresh, Cool, Comfortable and Ideal to Relax in a hidden Semi jungle resort. Enjoy your life with nature the large veranda will allow you to enjoy the grace of elegance.

Stone Villa

Constructed with Natural granite Which Will Provide a Cool Environment Inside. Existing in the Seaside amidst a large naturally Vegetated area. The rooms possess and amazing bed rooms and Enticing room.

The Two Storied Room Complex

Elegantly Constructed two stored building Ideal for Family occupancy as well Couples and Individuals too. Fully Covered with natural Vegetation, which Create a lovely stay facing angle view to the occupants, would really enjoy every Grace Nature.

The Normal Cabanas

Built in the oriental traditional which will suite any body’s needs it’s a wonder full experience of residing in these Shelley’s for gain a extraordinary experience in your life time.